IMG_8090 The Groove Aesthetic is a collective of talented artists and musicians of various disciplines and genres founded by classically trained lyric soprano and jazz vocalist Anqwenique Wingfield. The purpose of this collective is to create performances that are multifaceted, thought provoking and soulful through the collaboration of classical music, jazz, poetry, and dance. This artist collective represents an opportunity for creative minds to showcase their versatility and challenge the senses of the audience.


Anqwenique Wingfield, founder & lead vocalist
Joe Sheehan, keyboardist & composer
Matt Pickart, violinist & arranger
Jason Rafalak, bassist & arranger
Gabriel D’Abruzzo, pianist
Rachel Smith, cellist
Ryan Socrates, drums
Tracksploitation, dj duo
Magic Organs, visual art duo
Naila Ansari, dancer
Anthony Williams, dancer & choreographer


Anqwenique Wingfield, founder and lead vocalist

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